Centre[3] for Artistic and Social Practice is dedicated to supporting artists with creation, production, presentation, and dissemination. The centre conducts research, fosters innovation and provides opportunities for critical discourse. Centre[3] engages with the wider community through social practice, encouraging experimentation and collaboration through contemporary art


Centre[3] is an artist run centre that supports artists and collaborates with communities to create social change through the arts.


Art connects and transforms

Print Media and Media Arts

  • Provide space and equipment to create contemporary art
  • Showcase monthly exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists in the Main Gallery
  • Contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of Hamilton

Art Education

  • Offer Artists in the Schools and Schools in the Studio educational programs to elementary and secondary school boards
  • Offer Nu Steel social enterprise programs for youth
  • Offer courses and workshops for the general public
  • Offer professional practice workshops for artists

Community Arts

  • Link Artists with Community groups in a collaborative creative process
  • Encourage inclusion and diversity
  • Provide access to the process of art creation

As a not-for-profit centre we’ve established programming to help bring arts education and community arts to the greater Hamilton area.  Thanks to donor support our programming is always expanding to meet the needs of the region.  We welcome you to get involved!  Become a member, take a workshop, visit our gallery, or support our fundraising programs.