Visible Mending

Sunday, November 21st, 2021 @ 1:00 Pm – 2:30pm

The Web of Connections symposium brings together artists from Interweavings and Remediations to share their work and exchange on the common topics and themes from these two exhibitions curated by Nicole Burisch and Sally Frater. This online gathering will include presentations and workshops around the intersections of technology, textiles, craft, and materiality.


Participants will get a taste for visible mending in this workshop. Using the scotch darning method, participants will learn how to mend their knits.


Gabrielle Trach is a maker and educator based in Toronto, Canada. Her practice explores sustainability, identity, memory, the environmental impact of the textile industry, and the resurgence of historical textile techniques. Her practice is informed by research and theory surrounding fashion, identity, and sustainability.


Visible Mending with Gabrielle Trach

SHOW & TELL of Shifu: Storytelling Craft and Resistance
with Hitoko Okada

VirboPillow Jim Ruxton

Databending and Glitch Art with Robin Chantree

Craft Hang: Gabrielle Trach

Soft Circuits with Rythâ Kesselring